Why did we start Bearded Man Consulting?

Updated: Feb 11

There's a few reasons why BMC was formed. See below...

Our Founder, Ben Carmichael, grew up in Western Sydney and has had to work extremely hard for everything that he has achieved so far. When growing up in Western Sydney, nothing is handed to you on a silver platter. Luckily, this has instilled a level of work ethic and drive that is unparalleled, and under-utilised working for another person's company. All staff members who work for BMC have to match this drive and work ethic in order to become employed.

"Hard work beats talent when talent stops working"

In addition to this, our expertise at BMC lies in verticals which transcend particular industries. Our expertise in customer experience, marketing and program management are transferable across all industries. Whilst customers will have different needs and businesses generally have different strategies, the end-goal is always the same - you need to deliver a better outcome for your customers and respective stakeholders.

BMC has also stemmed from some frustrations we've observed across multiple industries. Too often, a Consultant will come into a business, speak to internal stakeholders, document all discussions (in the form of an extremely good looking presentation pack) and will leave the business with an array of recommendations that the organisation must implement to improve their business operations. Whilst this may sound nice in theory, there's two problems with this approach:

  1. It pisses off your employees. They've generally been trying to tell you what needs to improve in the business, yet the management team only want to listen once a Consultant tells the same story.

  2. It leaves your business with another Strategy document, but no resources to execute on that Strategy.

At BMC, we take the opposite approach. We don't want to come in and tell you how to operate your business. We'd rather take a "bottom up" approach, where we facilitate conversations between the people who speak to your customers daily (front-line staff) and the decision-makers within your organisation. Too often, there's a disconnect between these two types of individuals in a workplace.

So to answer the question as to why BMC was formed...?

  1. Because the work ethic of our team is unparalleled and under-utilised working for another company.

  2. Because our skills are transferable and transcend industry verticals - customer experience, marketing, program management, data analysis, etc.

  3. And because we'll actually get shit done. We're not here to build lavish decks, or tell you what you need to change for your business. We're here to generate actionable insights from data and information that is already available to you in your business.

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