Building a Customer Experience Framework - What you need to know

What is a customer experience framework?

A customer experience framework is a living document that is updated as the business grows. The framework can be used by teams to make collaborative decisions about the customer experience.

This document should not only focus on what is happening but also on why it's happening and what needs to happen next. In order to have an effective framework, you need to have a clear understanding of your company's values and beliefs as well as your customers' needs.

This document is often used as a way to align various departments in an organization with the same goal of delivering an excellent customer experience.

How do you create a customer experience framework?

Step One: Qualitative Research

The first step in creating a customer experience framework is to brainstorm all of the needs and wants for customers. This can be done with team members or by inviting customers to participate in the process.

Step Two: Prioritisation

After this, assign each customer need and want with a weighting system that will prioritize what should be addressed first.

An example of weightings would be how important it is for customers, how difficult it will be to implement, and how expensive it will be to implement.

Step Three: Implement changes

The third step in creating a customer experience framework is executing on all of the items on the list with collaboration from all departments involved in different aspects of the business such as marketing & sales.

Step Four: Measure progress

The final step is to implement a measurement system to understand how customers feel about the changes. For guidance on how to implement an effective measurement framework, read our article here.

A measurement framework is a way to track what the customer's experience is like and how they are feeling at any point in their journey. It is a great way to analyze and improve any customer experience, including your own.

These quantitative measures continually allows the business to keep a finger on the pulse of their customers - this ensures that businesses can identify and prioritise what their customers want and need fro them.


Building a customer experience framework for your company is an important decision. It will help you learn how to prioritize the customer experience in your business and allow you to have better relationships with your customers. It will also ensure that all departments within the company are aligned in their goals for delivering what the customer needs.

It is critical that the customer experience is continually measured to ensure that the items a business believe are important for customers, are the actual items that customers believe that they need!


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